The Art & Craft of Honey

With the highest respect for bees, their environment and the care of their honey, the Fredericksburg Honey Company offers only harvested honey. As craftsmen, we work exclusively with other artisan beekeepers though out the world with the same dedication, offering you the finest selection of high quality honey. By tracing the origins of each batch of honey, we know it's true source, insuring you receive superior honey.

Our honey is minimally filtered and gently heated to keep the flavor profile and health benefits of raw honey.Minimally processed honey retains the amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and beneficial bee pollen, providing a synergistic antioxidant effect. By working with smaller bee apiaries, we can ensure the quality of the honey, avoiding the over-processed and synthetic "honey" found in grocery stores.

Beekeeping is both an art and a science. The Ancient Greeks considered beekeeping an "agricultural art". Even Aristotle wrote about the life and activity of bees in Historia Anamalium. Beyond traditional agriculture, Apiology requires an understanding of the delicate balance of each hive, the work of the bees and their dedication to the Queen.

The science of beekeeping includes understanding the changing environment, the temperament of the bees, botany, and modern agriculture. Added to this, our primary pollinators are at risk of Colony Collapse Disorder. Providing the best possible environment for the health and sustainability for the bees and their hive includes a fresh water source, a pesticide free food source and protection from extreme temperature swings. As responsible apiarists, we provide the best habitat for our bees.