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Thank you for visiting our store and website here at Fredericksburg Honey Company. I am Stan Parker, beekeeper and physician, resident of Fredericksburg, and very much enjoy the pastime of beekeeping.

Honey bees and their raw honeys are the focus of our business here at Fredericksburg Honey Company, located in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas (we do have teas and spices at our store too!). Amazingly, these bees fly to multiple flowers, taking up the flowers’ juices (nectar), then concentrating that nectar to make honey. We collect the surplus and use it for our nutrition, while enjoying the distinctive colors and tastes produced by the specific nectar of each flower source.

Each honey variety has distinctive taste and color. Avocado is dark, burnt sugar tasting. Acacia is very light pale yellow, smooth and delicately fruity. Other varietal honeys (derived from a single flower source) are at our store as well.

In return for taking their surplus honey, we try to pay the bees back by supplying homes (hives), foundation on which they build their combs, sugar-syrup supplement during flower shortages, careful watch-out for indiscriminate insecticide use, and provide interventions against bee pests and diseases.

Our honeys are strained, not over-heated or ultra-filtered. This retains the goodness of the flowers. Some honey may crystallize (each flower source crystallizes at different rates), but this is natural and managed with gentle warming. Here’s an example of what is being sold on other store shelves: Clover honey is classified as a rapid crystallizer. The potential honey buyer should be aware that clover honey that has not crystallized on store shelves has been ultra-filtered plus heated to reduce/stop crystallization. It is not “raw” honey anymore.

We do strive to keep healthy productive bees, for as they help us, we try to help them. And, we hope you enjoy their honeys, our loose leaf teas, and spices, salts, and rubs.

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